Biblical Advice On Wealth And Materialism For Believers

Wealth is a quantity and quality of goods that a man posses. It is usually a measure of a man’s net worth in savings, investment, real estate and all.

Acquiring wealth among others has biblical principles that a believer must consider in his or her daily walk with God in order to maintain holiness of heart. In Jeremiah 9:23 The Lord is advising the rich man not to glory in his riches nor the wise man in his wisdoms.

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Luke 12:15-21 He continues to advice them here to take heed and be wear of covetousness for a man’s life consistest not in the abundant of the things he possess.

He continues with a parable of a certain rich man in verses 16-19 whose ground brought forth great increase and he decided to pull down his barn to build a greater one where he will stall his riches and then say to his soul to enjoy because he has acquired a lot of wealth. That rich man never know that, he was going to die that very night.

No1 Advice On Wealth And Materialism For Believers

Seek first the kingdom of God and every other things shall follow Matt 6:33. A believer is expected to commit his or her ways to God seek the will of God and do them first. As you go about your business always do them in holiness of God and not trusting or depending on your own wisdom. Don’t be like that rich man who placed much priority on his wealth than God.

No2 advice on wealth and materialism for believers

Support the course of God with your money. Many has acquired money through the wisdom of God as a believer but many are using their money against God. Do you know how you frustrates the work of God when you don’t pay your tithe or support the gospel of Christ with your money.

It is painful that God has blessed you with wealth but His work is still suffering around you. What are you doing with the wealth ? Are you like that rich man who only think of increasing and expanding his business while God’s work is abandoned.

No3 advice on wealth and materialism for believers

Never go beyond the way of God to acquire wealth. Many often says that it is easy to make money in a dirty way than in a good way. Well this may be true to an extent because if you don’t want to have true riches from God you can decides to acquire by any means but there are prizes for that which you can not bear. As a believer don’t go about accepting any type of contract of doing any kind of job all because of money. Remember God first, any job or contract that does not glorify God should be rejected.

No4 advice on wealth and materialism for believers

Pray before taking every decisions. Don’t be too excited to accepting every offer remember you are a child of God, don’t be so much in haste to say yes to every job always pray and ask for the will of God over the contract, over the persons in charge before accepting the contract.

Does the scripture condemned wealth and materialism

Does it mean that the true believers can not be wealthy? Or does the scripture condemned riches? Let see see in one of our devotions by Holiness Revival Movement

A comprehensive review of relevant biblical passages reveals three basic principles about wealth.

1 Wealth in itself is not expressly condemned in the scripture. In Gen 13:2 the Bible says “Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.” Similarly righteous Job was a man of great influence and riches Job 1:3. In the scripture wealth is seen as evidence of God’s blessing Deut 8:28, Prov 22:2, Eccles 5:19.

The believers are admonished not to trust in uncertainty of riches Prov 11:4, 11:28, Jer 9:23, 1 Tim 6:17, James 1:11, 5:2.

Why Wealthy People Are Condemned

2. When wealth people in the Bible were condemned, they were conditions for the means through which their riches were acquired or the evil they do with their wealth, they were not condemned because they are rich.

Prophet Amos railed against the injustice of obtaining wealth through oppression or fraud Amos 4:11, 5:2. Micah spoke against unjust scales with which traders defrauded the poor Micah 6:1

3. Believers should be mindful of the effect of wealth on their life. We read in proverbs 30:8-9 and Hosea 13:6 that wealth often temps us to forget about God. Wealthy believer may no longer look up to God for their daily provision and basic needs.

Ironically, we read in the scripture that in spite of the magnetic pull of riches, it cannot satisfy the desires of the heart or fill the vacuum of life.

Those who love riches never have enough and riches often take away sleep from the eyes of the wealthy for “ the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep”.


While the scripture does not condemn the wealthy, it does warn that if God blesses us with wealth, we must get our priorities right and guard against its corruptive influence.


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