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What is our service?

At, we review and extract a book material such as Christian books, manual, devotional books that you submit to us. We will give our reader the opportunity to download your books for free or for a small fee in form of donation to nigerlinks.

What your church or organization will get

* Free listing: we list your books for free on our website.

* Free publicity: you get free publicity and online recognition which eventually brings more phone calls and new members to your churches or organization

* Free link back: we do all to direct the reader to your website or social media where you can sample your services for them to see.


In this page we give every believers the opportunity to reach out to the world by simply writing a spirit filled and inspired message for us or submit a link to download your book to us.

Note your message should have a keyword that you are targeting. Make sure the keyword is in your title and it should also appear in your first paragraph and in the body of your article.

(If you are submitting a book you don’t have to worry about the keyword) we will read through it and know how to present it to our readers.

Example of keyword are:

How to pray for 5 hours nonstop

What God is looking for in a man

Your vision in life

Hope of Heaven

Is hell real? Etc

Areas you can write on:



In this section, you can write a review of a Christian book you have read and you want to share with the world. You can also submit a link to the book in this article.

Article on any Christian topic or categories Such as:




Relationship etc

If you can not figure out a keyword to write on please contact us for a keyword

If you are a minister  and you want your devotional books to be accessible to the world please upload  it here with detailed information about it. Thank you.