Privacy Policy

At Niger links we value our users privacy, we don’t joke with them. We are mindful of your privacy whenever you are on our site. So in this page we want to inform you about the information we collect when you login to our website and how we use this information.

What are the information we collect?

* your name: we request for you your name when you want to comment on our post, subscribe to our newsletter or write an article for us.

* your email address: when you sign in to our website to perform the above such as comment etc we collect your email address.

* your IP address: your IP address is collected to understand you better on your next visit to our site

* your browser: information  about your browser is collected this is important to us and to you. To us it help us to serve you well according to your browser which will help you to navigate conveniently and enjoy your stay on our site.

* we may later need your location, phone information in the future. When we start collecting data on them we will update this page.

What do we use these data we collect for?

Your names that we collect help us to address you properly when we send you a message or when you log in to our site.

Your email is where you receive every downloadable products you download from nigerlinks and to receive personal message from us. Your IP address and browser information we collect help us to personalise your experience on .

Who do we share your information with?

We will never share your private information to third parties such as companies, business enterprises. The only time we may share these information is If:

* According to your consent and agreement

* when it is necessary to protect our image

* to comply with the law

Disclaimer on purchase from our site

We do not save or store any vital information such as bank account name, bank password or your account details. This was why we Partner with a secure online payment gateway ( paystack) . Paystack is a registered payment gateway by the Nigerian government under CAC. Paystack as no right also to store your bank details.

Note: No refund on any payment you made on our platform except order wise stated In the product’s description page.

Many of our products are free, the money we charge you to download some of them is just in a form of donations to in order to keep this site functioning and updated with new materials.

Do we charge you to list your books?

Nigerlinks has not been charging any church, writer to list his or her books or devotional books on our platform. Listing is absolutely free for now. And you can get more reader for your church devotional books and other books for free. Read more

How do we maintain this site?


Like I said all books except from those from our affiliate partners are free, the ways we generate money are when our reader decides to download a copy on his or her devices for future use. This charge is inform of a donation to nigerlinks. We will also get commission if you buy a product from our affiliate partners which we carefully bring to you.

What are cookies and do we use cookies?

Cookies are messages sent to your browser when you visit a website. They are stored in your browser to personalize your experience and to remember certain information for you when next you visit.

If you don’t want your browser to remind you of your previous activities on our website you can choose to disable cookies in your settings which is not advisable because you will need to enter the same information every time you visit our site.

Disclaimer on affiliate marketing

We participate in affiliate marketing by including links to our blog which refers you to other sites to purchase a product. We earn commission for referring these product to you at no extra cost to you.

Note: we do not share any data with these companies, they are separate from us, so they have there own privacy policy different from ours. We have no authority over them. If you think any of these companies we advertise to you steals your data without your consent please mail us at to come into the matter and we will eventually stop promoting such company.

Our contact

Please you can contact us if you have any question or want to know more about us and our service by filling the form below or email us at