Pastor Paul Rika And Objectives Of HOREMOW

About Pastor Paul Rika

Pastor Paul Rika, the international director and founder, Holiness Revival Ministry Worldwide, aka  Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide, with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, has been a preacher of righteousness and holiness for some decades now.

He currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria, from where he directs the affairs of the movement worldwide.

Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide ( HOREMOW) Is a non denominational ministry, given to the propagation of Christ’s Righteousness and Holiness in  churches and nations of the world through crusades, Revival meetings, Conferences Production and spread of Holiness literatures and materials.

The Aims And Objectives

HOREMOW is a non denominational ministry having the following aims and objectives:

1. To hold Crusades, Conferences and Revival meetings in the churches and nations of the world, so as to bring sinners to Christ’s salvation and believers to His Holiness. Act 26:16-18.

2. To produce Christian literature that promotes salvation of souls, sound Bible teaching and holiness of believers in the churches and nations of the world Luke 1:1-4.

3. To produce audio and visual taped messages for the spread of the gospel Truth in churches and nations of the world.

4. To bring denominational churches into Christian unity through the belief and practice of the faith once delivered unto the Saints. Eph. 4:12-15.

5. To support believers, ministers, ministries and churches with free Christian materials for their spiritual development in holiness. Isaiah 65:1.

6. To raise members and supporters of Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide from churches and Christian ministries all over the world who will submit their lives to Biblical Holiness and be spiritually, materially and evangelically equipped to make others righteous and holy.

7. To establish Christian bookshops in many places within and outside the nation, equipped with Holiness materials for the promotion of Holiness in the churches of Christ in the world Romans 17:17.

8. To establish a body of believers called Holiness Revival Movement in every Nation who will sponsor the production of the holiness materials of the ministry and other recommended holiness materials Act 4:36; Cor 8:1-7.

9. To translate or interpret ministry materials into as many local, national and international languages as possible. 1Cor. 14:9-13.

10. To place the ministry book: Escaping Hell Fire and Entering Heaven Made Simple by Pastor Paul Rika in hotels, hospitals, prisons and in places that can attract public reading, for the salvation of sinners and holiness of believers. 1 Cor. 9:18-22.

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11. To own Satellite Channels for the publishing of the messages and programs of Holiness Revival Movement to the world.

12. To establish Bible college where believers and ministry can receive biblical and ministerial training for sound Christian ministry 2 Tim. 2:2.

13. To have ministry campgrounds in various quarters and nations where holiness camp meetings can be held regularly. Hebrew 10:25.

14. To hold zonal, national and international holiness conferences regularly for the promotion and spread of holiness in the lives of believers and in Christ’s Churches Colossians 1:28-29.

15. To support believers, ministers and ministries financially where required for their spiritual encouragement and establishment in holiness.

17. To  have chapters of Holiness Revival Movement in local governments, States and nations holding regular meetings, with clear goals and uniform operations, which are submissive to central administration. Philippians 4:8-9 Hebrews 13:17.

Pastor Paul Rika

Int’l Director/Founder