As The Days Of Noah Were, So Shall It Be In Our Day

Matt 24:37-39 As the days of Noah were so shall the coming of Jesus be. This scripture was as if Jesus was actually telling us that what we heard concerning the days of Noah was true.

Which means that, there was a man called Noah who built a big ark that could contain as many that want to come in including the animals.

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On Going Message In The Days Of Noah

What was the message of mercy that was preached by Noah before the flood ? Well in case you don’t know it.

The message of mercy then that was giving to Noah was to preach righteousness and holiness to the people so that they could repent and enter into the ark.

The ark in the days of Noah was made with wood according to the instruction of God. The ark is a place of safety  for as many that come into it but unfortunately the message of Noah was only able to save his family.

Sin was at its pick, the people refused the message of mercy preached by Noah. They argue with Noah about the word of God saying how could God destroy this beautiful world with flood? Beside how will it happen ? Have you seen flood before?

These and many other questions were thrown at Noah seen that it as not rain before so the people hardened their hearth and continued in their sins and was busy inventing new sins.

The Days Of Noah And Our Present Day

Let us try to see some similarities between the days of Noah and our present day now. As we have known the message of Noah and the expectation was the flood. In our present day now, we are in:

1 The Days Of The Coming Of The Lord  1 Tim 4:1-2 the days of the coming of the Lord is also called the latter days characterized by backsliding of the people, demons taking over the world and possessing human beings 2 Cor 3:1-5 , Luke 21:34-36.

The Situation Of The Church In Days Of The Coming Of The Lord

Ignorance, what characterized the present day churches is ignorance. Many are not aware that Jesus is returning. The governments are not aware, many in the churches are not expecting Him this is what characterized the present days like the days of Noah. Some argued that it’s not possible, many as lose hope and have resumed their once abandoned sins.

Drunkenness and care of the life, many are carried away by the cares of this life. They are so busy and never think about God and His righteousness.

Multiplication Of Wickedness And Iniquities, There are new sins been manufacture every day just like the days of Noah. There are different kinds of unimaginable sins in the world today than you can imaging.

Bankruptcy Of Righteousness, holiness, righteousness is a very scarce commodity in the world today. Many preachers as stop preaching it, many has stopped believing it why some says it is a old message.

Hardeness Of Hearth Towards The Truth, people now enjoy lies. When ever they come across the truth, they feel bad. They deliberately avoid the truth and the career of the truth. Evil are multiplying everyday

Mockery And Suffering Of The Gospel Of Holiness, in our days, husband mock and persecutes his wife because of Holiness and vise vasa, the boss suffers or sack his or her staff because of Holiness. Yes these is the condition of this present world where many are not willing to associate with God.

The On going Building Of The Ark

Gen 6:11-14 The end of everything as come. God is rounding it up now just as the days of Noah. The message is been preached, the rapture is at hand now. Oh! Wait !   Are you going to enter the ark ( spiritual ark) ? Are you in already ? Well if you are still outside the ark, here is the message of mercy for you just as the days of Noah.

The message of mercy for every living soul today is repent from your sins, accept the Lord Jesus Christ and walk in His ways for you salvation. Is the message so simple? Yes it is as simple as that. When you turn away from your sin and accept Jesus, you have just come into the spiritual ark of safety just like the days of Noah.

What the ark means actually is truth, righteousness and holiness. The ark is not a denomination or a preacher but it is thee word of God Act 20:17. The ark is a call to Holiness and righteousness. It is a call to repentance toward God.

The Certainty Of Christ Coming

Gen 7:1,6,7,10-12.  1 Thess 4:13-18.

The Lord is coming make sure you are in the ark ( truth, righteousness and holiness) Jud 14-16. Jesus is coming with judgement. Righteousness diminished in the days of Noah that even the preaching of Noah fort over 100 years could not revive it. Righteousness disappeared from the world and rested on just a family ( Noah’s family). In our days righteousness as diminished to a body of people. These people are people that have entered into God’s ark .

The Bible says whoever that readeth should understand. Understand the time we are in now. This was the situation of the world in the days of Noah when God wiped away all flesh that was living on earth.

Dangers Of Church’s Ignorance

As we have seen the judgement that came upon the world of Noah because of their ignorance of the word of God. The same history is about to repeat it self in our days.

The danger of ignorance is judgement and destruction it is as simple as that. But you can escape this today by your simple obedience to the word of God. Accept Jesus Christ in to your life. And walk in His way of righteousness and holiness in this evil days which is also the days of the coming of our Lord.

If you are in the ark already please indicate in the comment and if you are willing to join this ark please indicate also in the comment.

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