Is Masturbation Good For You? In Christian Perspective

Masturbation is a common happening in the present world. It is common among the youth, the unmarried and single parents. However it is also practice among married people. 50 to 60% of young men and teenagers  practice masturbation in their closet unknown to their parent or guidance.

What is masturbation?

In my own word, masturbation is the act of performing sex all alone without the physical present of opposite sex but with your full focus and real sex imagination using your hands until ejaculation is achieve.

What Are The Causes  Of Masturbation?

Like i said, many teenagers, young boys and girls practices masturbation usually from age 11 upward when some sign of maturity is setting in. And they begin to fill some changes in their private part. At this time some perform the act on the bed early in the morning before standing up from bed.

Improper education on body signs to our children : When your children are growing, you as a parent should keep an eye on them, educate them. Make them familiar with you. These will help them to be confidence in you and also they can tell you what ever they are experiencing at their age. Always try to know and study your children as a parent, give them advice in the word of God, teach them morality.

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some of the causes of masturbation are:


Closeness To Opposite Sex: Don’t allow your children of different sex to always stay or share one room together. This is very important to every parent. Don’t say i know my children which of a truth you may be wrong in this aspect. And this is just a prevention method to take in order to avoid what you will not like to hear.

Not even a visitor or your own brother should be too close to your girl to the extent of sleeping in the same room or carrying them any how. This should be moderated because you really don’t know if they are addicted to masturbation and they could defile your daughter.

Pornography : If you are the type that love porn, definitely you are not free from masturbation. You may say “John come on, I am married” well marriage does not stop you from becoming a masturbator  as a mater of fact your wife will not always be available.

Bad Friends : Your friends can influence you to start doing what you have not being doing before. When you are together with your friends, what matters do you discuss?. Your friend can tell you about his or her experience with masturbation and this could make you to admire it and you will also want to try it out.

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Can You Be Addicted To Masturbation?

Yes you can be so addicted to masturbation from the day you start to the end of your life even though you may marry and have children. A sister in our church gave a testimony she says

Though many see me like a christian because of my dressing but inside me, i have a secret sin. I am addicted to masturbation and pornography

It does not show in your face and people around you may not even know but when the urge comes you may even be walking on the street and masturbating.

Is Masturbation Good For A Christian?

You can best answer this question when you understand what being a christian is. Who is a christian? A Christlike  individual, a heavenly minded person, holy and righteous man or woman who is committed to the word of God.

Active says:

So a Christian is saved from something evil to something good. This does not happen in one moment. A Christian may receive the forgiveness of sins in one moment, but that is only the beginning of a constant work of salvation thereafter.

It will be as if you are calling an addicted drunker a holy man, Can a drunk be holy? No? In the same way, you can’t be a Holy christian and be masturbating. If you say it is better to masturbate in your room rather than going to an Harlot, To me i think it is better you go to harlot {not good for a christian }. They are just the same sin  simple as that. How do you feel after ejaculation ? Do you feel happy or sober as a christian?

Is There Any Side Effect?

There are side effects associated to masturbation . It might not be easy seen but they are there. Some of the side effect are:

Premature Ejaculation: premature ejaculation is a common side effect of masturbation. This  problem could later cause you fortune and this could be a very serious issue in your family. Think about how premature ejaculation can affect your marriage and your wife. In a situation when you always come on time because of your addiction to masturbation.

God’s factor: In every thing a believer is doing, he thinks about God. Do you think God is happy with you the way You live your life? Do you have peace in your heart after masturbating? Does it affect your relationship with God? These are the questions you should ask your self.

How To Stop Masturbation?

Just like trying to stop a drunk or a smoker from smoking or drinking. It is not going to be easy this is why sometimes you try to stop it and you find yourself in it again. Actually you are not happy with  it and mostly after the act you cry and say…

God  how can i ever stop this sin

Well here are tips on how and what you should do to be free from masturbation.

Repent from it : You need to repent from it, cry to God concerning it. The reason why you should repent is because the matter is more than you . You need higher power to help you deal with it now. Repent and accept Jesus into your life. Jesus’ power is superior to that spirit of masturbation. That uncontrollable spirit will bow to Jesus in you.

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Break From Your Unbelieving Friends : This means you have to change your friends now. Those close unbelieving friends should no longer influence you again, they should not be your best friends again. Start going to a good church make new friends.

Renew Your Thought: Whenever the thought come to your mind, resist it using the word of God. Remember your body is no longer for sin but for righteousness and holiness. Your body is now the temple of God.

Expose It: When you hide sin, it will still be there waiting patiently and hoping you will come back. Expose your sin to your wife, husband, christian brother if you are a brother or sister if you are a sister. This is because two are better than one. They can support you to fight sin and Satan in your life.

Final Thought

Continue to follow Jesus, walk in His ways. Let His thought be your thought, be occupy in His Service. These will help you to forget about masturbation forever.

please tell us your opinion or your experience about this topic in the comment. May God bless you and preserve you in Jesus’ name.



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