Judgement !See God’s Eternal Judgement Against Sin

Judgement has been set against sin and sinners, learn from history and see how God judged people in the past. Who can escape the judgement of God?

Hebrews 10:31

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of arm rubbers, ritualists, wicked men, people who have no conscience but it most fearful to fall into the hands of the living God .

The judgment of God is superior. If a man fall into the hands of a thief or arm rubber he can still come out  but if a man fall into the hands of the living God their is not remedy.

The God of love that you know is also the God of judgement. God as provided heaven for His obedient children, He as also provided hell for His disobedient, rebellion, sinner and evil children.

How The Bible Describes The judgement Of God

Isaiah 33:14

This judgement is the finer decision over a man, there is no other power or other authority that can alta the judgement of God over a man, Satan or demons. He judgement is final.

1. Sinners and hypocrite who enjoy sinning but when they remember the judgement of God they were afraid. They said ” who among us shall dwell with the everlasting fire” dwelling in the fire forever. They were so afraid because it is forever ( everlasting).

These were worse sinners, people who sit with Satan  make world decisions.  Jer 23:40  when they sat down together and consider the judgement of God they where shaking with fear.

2. It is called everlasting reproach Jer 23:40 all your greatness will be gone forever. Sin as made you great and and pride as took over you  but the Lord is telling you how you will be reduced to nothing  forever. The value of a sinner under the judgement of God is less than excreta a dunk  Daniel 12:2, Matt 25:41.

3. Deformity : the form of a sinner under God’s judgement shall change to contempt Matt 25:41 The curse of God upon  a sinner under His judgement will make him to lose his form. The serpent was cursed and it loose her form to that which should be for shame.. It is a fearful thing to for into the hands of a angry God.

4. 2 Thessalonians 1:9 God will manifest His Power over a sinner for destruction. The power of God will be involve mainly to destroy a sinner. So many miracle will be perform in the judgement over a sinner in hell.

Miracle of decays, miracle of burning and never dying, miracle of warms eating up a sinner reforming for another torture, the power that burn you down and renew you for another burn forever because of your sin Jude 7.

Example Of God’s Divine Judgement

2 Peter 2:4-9

1. Satan And Demon: God prepared lake of fire for Satan and demons. God also allows Satan to test men on earth to know who is like chaff that will go with him to hell.

This is why Satan is going about deceiving men and nations of the world, bringing various false religion, spreading every kind of sin and abominations, turning many against God.

God is aware of all his activities on earth but those who do not eventually repent shall go with Satan to hell forever. The purpose of Satan on earth is to try men for God oder wise he won’t be here on earth.

Satan is here because God is interested in testing His creation. He want to know those who support Satan in his rebel against God, those who believed and submit to Satan, all shall go to hell with him except you eventually repent.

The Bible says the wicked shall be turned to hell and all nations that forget God. It is a fearful thing to fall into the judgement of God.

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2. The whole world of Noah, the gospel was preached by Noah but it was only received by 8 people. The rest in their billion or so at that time all perished.

3. Sodom And  Gomorrah: Their sin got to it pick, they practice homosexual and lesbianism. When their sin got to its pick, God’s Divine judgement of fire was released upon the whole country.

4. Kora,Dotan And Abira : Notorious leaders who thought that Jesus died on the cross to promote them. These are people who force there way to leadership without the life of Christ in them, when the judgement came upon them the sank alive to hell.

5. Herod : Men praised him and he received the praise like unto God. The Bible says he was eaten up by warms alive. You need to know this Truth that the God of LOVE is also the God of Judgement.

6. The rich man: Luke 16:19 How this rich man got his money, we do not know, whether it is in a legal way or through sinful ways but at this time under the judgement of God, he could give give all his riches for a drop of water.

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Questions For You

Are you immoral? You change women like changing clothes, you go for protection from herbalist because you are rich, you forget God and now pursuing riches?

Don’t forget the word of God ” the wicked shall be turned to hell and all nations that forget God ” Psalm 9:17.

Are you a wicked person?

Are you a sinner?

You tell lies, cheat and back bit?

Are you going to hell because all “the wicked”  are going to hell Isaiah 5:13-14.

Is There A Way Of Escape?

Yes there is a way out. The same old way that you might already be familiar with, The same name that you have already hard about, the same Lord and Savior of the universe. He as been waiting for you, hoping that one day you  will come to Him.

The only way of escape is accept Jesus Christ. He was the one that died on the cross purposely for the sin of humanity, He came for that purpose and He accomplished it on the cross with His own blood He paid the price ones for all. And He said It is finish.

The price as been paid for your salvation and purification what do you have to do now? Just accept Him, believe Him, Follow Him. He will deliver from sin and Satan.

This is when you can boldly say you are God’s obedient children who are heavenly minded.

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