Jesus Is Who? Introduction To Jesus Using Alphabet A-Z

Though you are familiar with the name of Jesus, you still need a proper introduction to Him, you may not have known him as you aught to or may be you just know a bit of Jesus. Don’t be satisfy with that small knowledge you have about Jesus rather desire to know Him more.

In this post, I will Introduce Jesus to you in a way you will know Him well and your understanding about Him will be balance. This is necessary because you have heard a lot about this Jesus but truly you have not understand who He is or His Importance to you. And may be you are sincere you really want to know Him.

Well you are welcome to Jesus,In this Post, i will use the letters ( alphabet) to describe Him for your proper understanding.


A stands for Alpha: Jesus is the Alpha of existence, He is the first in existence, the first lover of man Rev 1:8. He is the beginning of all things including your life, He is the owner of life and existence. What ever you plan to do in this life start it with Jesus the Alpha, He is the greatest. He is above your president, father, mother. Everything start with Him.


The Beginning and ending. How did your life Begin? Jesus began it. He is the beginning of all things both the things you can see and those you can not see but they exist.


The Creator, He is the creator of your life. He created all things in heaven and on earth. Jesus created Satan, Angels,Waters, sands, what ever you can think of was created by Jesus. Luke 2:10-12, John 1:1-3. He commanded the existence of all things.


He is the Doctor, the eternal door of life. The greatest deliverer. Jesus is the door that protect your life. When you enter through this Door, your life will be protected from devils, manipulations of demons. When you hold on to this Door your deliverance is secure. John 10:1, 7-10.


He is the Eternal life 1 John 2:1-2. He lives forever, He is everlasting. If you want to live forever get Jesus into your life.


He is the Father of creation Isaiah 9:6. Jesus is the Father of living. If you have seen Jesus you have seen the Father. He is one with the Father, the everlasting Father.


Jesus is God John 20:26-29, the greatest person in heaven and earth, the second person in the Trinity God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit (all in one God) separate body but one person. Just as you as a man is made up of  Body, Spirit, Soul but you are one person so also is God. Read More Jesus The Son Of God Is God Himself

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Other Sources:

Wikipedia meaning of Jesus 


Healer Matt 8:16-17 Do you have a sickness in your body? An incurable disease take it to Jesus He will heal you just believe and trust Him for your healing. He has healed many situations than your and He will heal you too in Jesu’s Name.


Intercessor , He is our intercessor he intercede for us continuously before God, in our sin and ignorance he pray for us. Hebrews 7:25.


Letter J stands for Jesus Matt 1:21. The Bible says who so ever that call upon that name shall be save. Are you passing through difficulties of life? Are you having a terrible dreams? Let not this name depart from your lips. He can save you and give you a new live.


King of kings Rev 19:16. My Master is the King of kings, Lord of lords , everlasting Father, the ruler of the universe.


He is Lord of all Act10:36. He is the Master of professors, Master of all learning, perfect in all learning, all masters bow before Him, all power bow before him.


He is the son of man Philippians 2:5-10, the man of Galilee. He is the Word who became flesh and dwell among men for the salvation of mankind.


New Testament, Heb 9:15-17. He is the new testament, the new agreement was based on the blood of Jesus no longer on the blood of an animal. No other sacrifice is required from you than to believe in Him, believe in is blood over your life.


Omega, Omniscient, Omnipresent Rev 1:8. He is the beginning and the end of all things including your life. If you refuse Him today, you will see Him at the end of your life in eternity forever.


He is the Prince of peace 1 Cor 1:24, the power of God. Jesus is the power that spoke all things into existence. In Him there is power for healing, salvation, miracles, power of escape etc.


Quickening, 1 For 15:45. The quickening spirit that quickening a dying man, restore a backsliders, The Bible says those that wait on Him, He renew there strength.


The Redeemer, 1 Cor 1:30 The Redeemer, the one who reconcile us to God, He is our rescue. He received us with our sins reconcile us back to God with His own Blood.


God’s Sacrifice, 1 Cor 5:7. He is God’s Sacrifice for humanity. Instead of you to die for your own sin, Jesus was sacrificed for your sake. He gave Himself to be killed by wicked men because He wants to wipe your sins away and make you accepted to God as a saint without sin.


Truth, John 14:6. Jesus is the Truth, He is our trust. Do you really want to truth? You will find it in Jesus, He Himself is the Truth of life, believe Him, trust Him for your salvation.


Understanding, Proverb 8:14. He is our Understanding, the entrance of His word will give you light and Understanding in life. You will understand the future, you will know how to live in life to please God.


Vengeance, Romans 12:19. He will take care of your enemies, He will handle your oppressors for you and you will be peaceful.


Word, John 1:1. Jesus is the Word of God, the Wisdom of God, Jesus is the Way.


The Unknown, Act 17:23. The unknown God. If there is anything people fumble at on earth is Jesus. Many are busy serving and worshipping the unknown God. Sinners are looking for miracles, answers to prayers but they never want Jesus. He is unknown to them. They don’t know all the answers to prayers is in His hands. How do you claim your are serving God without knowing Jesus?


Yea and Amen, 2 Cor 1:19-20. Her ids Yea and Amen, He is the certainty of your life, Jesus is the one that make you acceptable to God. In Christ their is no lies. In Him promises of God are settled and sure in your life.


Zeal Of God, Psalms 69:9. He is the Zeal of the Lord. He demonstrated this Zeal in the temple by chasing away those that buy and sell in the temple. He want you to poses this Zeal in your life so as to serve God effectively in holiness and righteousness.


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