(Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide)

1 John 3:16-18

And all that believed were together, and had all things common;
Act 2:44

Surely both Abraham and Sarah were called for the work, but God said, I called him alone, talking of Abraham. Sarah’s call and ministry was overshadowed
by Abraham’s call and ministry. Therefore, woman, do not tear yourself or allow
men to tear you away from your husband’s ministry. Do not seek your own name or
glory, if God gives you in marriage to a godly man with divine call as Abraham;
don’t do it. Satan would want to tear you away from your husband’s ministry for selfish reason. Resist him. Cooperate with your husband for the success of the ministry and you will receive the blessing and reward of the Lord. Two are better than one. Why do you want to tear it apart? We thank the Lord for the example in this ministry. God has helped my wife, Sister Linda, that she has been given the grace of God to minister to you but the ministry is not in the hands of two people.

This Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide is not in the hand of Pastor Paul Rika and Sister Linda. No! It is in the hand of Pastor Paul Rika.
Sometimes some people call me saying they would want to see me and my wife.

Why must they see me and my wife together? Am I not sufficient for them? Must they sit me and my wife together before it becomes complete? They are still children learning about God’s way. Let the scripture instruct you. You are coming to see the person who has authority, who has the call, I called him alone. Do not think that for my power to be complete I needed that of Sister Linda. Whatever Sister Linda is doing is lost in my ministry. Don’t be seeing two people; see one person. If the Lord leads you to see Sister Linda for anything do so as He has led you.

The work was given to one man. Life was given to Adam, Eve was an
assistance and her identity lost in Adam’s. The call was given to Abraham, Sarah was an assistance and her call lost in Abraham’s call.

They did the work well and finished the work well and the Lord took the glory. Therefore, if the Lord has given your husband a great call, don’t tear or separate yourself from it because you want people to know you.

📝 Thought For The Day
Let the love of Christ bind the couple together in ministry for great exploits.

🎼 Song For The Day
Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us

📘📖 Bible Reading For The Day
Leviticus 13; Matthew 26:20-54

Read also bless His holy name for his wonderful did

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