Faith! Example Of Just Men That Lived By Faith

The expression ‘ live by faith’ covers every aspect of life and destiny. It means living happily, joyfully, righteously and satisfactorily by faith. You can live a peaceful and qualitative life by faith as you totally trust in God . Your trust is not on money, the people you have ( your connection) and your certificates. You are not living by material things, food and work, but by the living God. You can live a righteous , holy, peaceful and joyful life by faith Romans 14:17


These are people who lived by faith in their generation

1 Enoch 

Are you a child of God? Know that the just shall live by faith. Gen 5: 22-24 Enoch walked with God to the end of his life. He trust in God daily through out his lifespan. Through faith in God you can maintain your righteousness and holiness until death or rapture.

2 Paul


Galatians 2: 20 1 Thessalonians 2:10

Apostle Paul showed that the holy life is possible by faith. You can live the holy life if you look unto the living God. Set your eyes on the cross of Christ and look unto Jesus; You can live the holy life. There is no force or temptation too powerful to be overcome if you set your eyes on Jesus. Peter looked at Jesus and got restored from backsliding. Faith in God will restore you. The just shall live by his faith. The just shall survive, overcome and breakthrough by his faith.

All problem of list culmination into sexual immortality ( fornication, adultery, masturbation, lesbianism and homosexuality) pride, covetousness and greed can be overcome and be removed from your life, if only you can stand on the promises of God; you believe the shed blood at Calvary; you believe the name of Jesus and the word of God. This set you on your way to heaven!
Apostle Paul said, “ It is no longer I that liveth but Christ liveth in me. The life that I now live, I live by the faith of the son of God who died for me.” This means he totally surrendered and yielded to Jesus Christ.

Romans 6:11-14 The just shall make progress in life and ministry by faith. Apostle Paul demonstrated this clearly. His eyes were on Jesus. He was moving in line with the heavenly vision given to him by Jesus. He saw Jesus moving him to a higher ground in life and ministry. Act 26:15-19

Have you been called into ministry by Jesus? He is beckoning you to follow him by faith for him to take you to a higher ground. There is a higher ground than where you are now that God wants to take you to. Matthew 4:18-20 But God requires your unwavering dependence on him to do it. Believe God and your life and ministry will experience a positive change. Life will be better and sweater as you believe and follow the living God. 1 Corinthians 10:13.

3 Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach And Abednego

Daniel 3:16-18

The just can be delivered from any situation by faith. Daniel was saved from the mouth of lion by faith Daniel 6:16 A heathen king assured Daniel, a just man, that the God whom Daniel was serving continually shall deliver him from the lions. Daniel’s faith in his God was so prominent that a king who is an unbeliever could notice it. How is your faith?

Can your spouse testify of your faith? Can your children speak on your behalf that you are a man or woman of faith? Can your faith in God be testified of in your place of work?
Daniel so trusted in his God that his relationship with God became a public notice. Daniel 6:19-20.

Lions! Has your God delivered you from such fearful situation? Has he saved you from the hands of such rude cultic powers? The experience of Daniel shows that the just can live in the den of lions. The just shall live in the midst of toughest oppositions. The just shall live even when the battle is fiercest. He shall live in any circumstance if he can believe. You will live and make progress as long as you believe in Christ’s victory on the cross.

You will live and triumph in life as long as your mind is stayed on the one who causes you to triumph always. Daniel 6: 21-22
The just shall possess spiritual gift and intelligence by faith. Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego were specialized bless with knowledge , understanding and wisdom by faith in God. In school, they emerged ten times better than their colleagues.

God gave them sound minds that could not be equaled. They believed in their God and all manner of accusations that were labella against them could not hold them captive. You may be living or working in the midst of formidable enemies, if only you can have faith in God for your deliverance, you will receive it always.

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4 Elijah

1Kings 17:8-16

The Just shall be supernaturally sustained by faith. Elijah and the widow of Zarephath were sustained by the little flour and the oil of the widow through out the famine period. Elijah said to that woman, This is what the Lord is saying, the oil and the flour shall not finish until the time that God will send rain to the earth. The woman believed God and she saw the miracle of God.



5 Peter

Matthew 14:28-29

When the word of God comes to you that you will finish your school, nothing can stop you from finishing your school. Those who have the revelation of the word of God are always lifted to a higher realm. Peter and other disciples of Jesus were in the boat on the sea.

They saw Jesus walking on the water. Peter already knew the power in the word of God. He knew that if the word of God was released, it carried with it a power to accomplish the will of God. Peter having know the power behind the word of God said, Lord, if you are the one, invite me to come. Peter knew he would not survive if he jump into the water on his own, so he waited for a word from the Lord.

Jesus spoke just a word , “come” that one word carried all the power of the Godhead. That carried all miracle power. That one word turned the water into a solid ground for Peter to walk upon. The just will do the miraculous by faith.

6 Joshua And Elijah

Joshua 10:12 Joshua told the sun to stand still and the sun stood still. The word of the just carried enough power that can reverse the course of nature. By the word of Elijah, the earth withdrew her rain for a period of three and half years and by the same word, the rain returned back to the earth again. What a power that God has bestowed upon the mortal man and woman of faith! James 5:16-18.


7 Jabez

1 Corinthians 4:9-10

The just shall prosper by faith. The Bible says in Hebrew 11:6, All you need to do to prosper in life is to sincerely seek the lord and diligently do so until you encounter the lord for a change of your story. Jabez only prayed and sought the Lord and the Lord prospered him. All power belongs to God. The power to prosper belongs to God and you can connect to that power by faith. Psalm 126:1-3

8 Abraham And Sarah

Hebrews 11:11-12

The just shall be healed of his sickness if he can believe. Abraham and Sarah’s dead bodies got quickened and Sarah was healed of her barrenness and she gave birth to Isaac by faith. Also, Moses at the age of 120, his eyes were not dim. He was still strong enough to climb the mountain by total trust in God. I challenge you to believe God and as you do so, your situation will change. Light will spring up in your darkness. God will cause the light to shine in your life.


Gen 45:7-9

The just shall be promoted to honour by faith. This was clearly seen in the life of Joseph who was catapulted from prison to prime minister in Egypt. What an amazing, unbelievable act of God for those whose confidence is in Him! Can we still have Joseph in this our adulterous and sinful generation, a man that kept to his righteousness even when it was most dangerous to do so?

Joseph was a man that feared and believed wholeheartedly in his God to the extent of taking an uncompromising stand against sin even in the secret. He believed that what God revealed to him would one day come to pass and it was so. Why would not God give such a man a supernatural push forward in progress? All the negative circumstances surrounding Joseph turned out to be God’s wisdom for the fulfillment of his dream. Gen 50: 18-21.



Esther 10:2-3

Beloved, have a reflection on how God worked out the promotion of Mordecai. The greatest enemy of his life, Haman. He was the one that God use to decorate him as the deputy to the king. The position that Human thought himself most qualified for was the one he was asked to decorate his enemy with.

Mordecai was promoted from a gateman to the second in command to the king of Persia. What is it that your God can not do for you? Are you in a fixed position and there appeared to be a stalemate in your quest for the way out? God who did it for Mordecai because he believed in him will make a way for you. He can raise you up and promote you to a place of honour that you will be wondering whether you are actually the one. 1 Samuel 2:7-9


Psalm 18:1-6, 17, 20-23

The just shall overcome, prevail and be promoted against the enemy by faith. The victory of David over Goliath and his protection against the wickedness of Saul are clear example. In 1 Samuel 17:45-47 

David’s confidence clearly was on the Lord his God. He said to king Saul 1 Samuel 17:37. You too can overcome by faith. 



Luke 16:22-23

The just shall enter into eternity by faith. Lazarus, amongst catalogues of just men and woman, entered into heaven by total trust in God. I encourage you to believe in God and trust Him and you too will enter heaven. Hold to the benefits of the cross and the promises of God up to the point of death and you shall be  smiling home to meet your God. Whatever sin you have committed, hold unto Jesus and confess it to him and your sins shall roll away 1 John 2:1-2.

The fountain flowing from Cavalry is still powerful enough to totally destroy the grip of that sin in your life. Look unto Jesus and Live. A voice will say unto you like the prodigal son, Come here my son, and come here my daughter. I have made all things ready for you. Come and enjoy the forgiveness of your father. Come and partake in the mercy and compassion of your father. His hands  are spread wide to receive His sons and daughters. The just shall live by his total trust in God . lean on Him and abandon yourself totally on Him.

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