Eternity! What Does It Means And What Is the Origin Of It?

Understanding eternity will help you as a man or a woman to adjust and live with care and concern in this world. The people that understood eternity in the Bible days they lived as a stranger here on earth because they new that, the earth is a temporal place of birth and after now their soul shall live forever .

What Is Eternity?

The Bible tells us in Psalm 29:10 what exactly eternity means as listed below

* Eternity means forever Psalm 90:2

* It Also means everlasting

Encyclopedia Says this about eternity

Vocabulary .com say this about eternity

See what Cambridge Dictionary Says About Eternity

Now for you to understand very well, let us consider the sun. Can you tell how many years the sun as been? The sun as been there for decades many generation have been born and die still the sun is still there. Can you now say that the sun is everlasting? No the sun is not everlasting why? Because the number of years the sun as lived can be calculated.

This same goes with the mountains you see around they have been there for years even some people were named after those mountains those people dies yet the mountains are still there but this mountains can not be called eternal mountain.

Let’s speak of eternity using time as example. If eternity is ten trillion years just imaging that number (ten trillion years) it is unimaginable right? But the truth is that eternity is more than that. Eternity is years without an end it can not be quantify with time. Whatsoever as a beginning cannot be said to be eternal.

So What Then Is Eternity?

I told you eternity means forever and everlasting Psalm 29:10, Psalm 90:2, Isaiah 9:7

It can also be called day and night  Rev 20:10 day and night in this text means continuity.

There Are Two Ends Of Eternity

1. heaven: this is a home of God,angels and the saints that dies on earth and made it to everlasting home with God. In this place, no sinner however small will enter there. It is a holy place and can only accommodate holy and righteous saints and angels.

2. Hell: this is another end of eternity Matt 25:41 Hell is a place of torment, cry and pains. It is a dreadful place that will accommodate all sinners, fornicators, adulterers, liers etc.

Hell fire was not there at the beginning of creation. It was prepared afterthought because of rebellion. It is a place of torment, fire where the people burn and never die. They can not die because they possess the nature of God which is eternal. Gen 1:26

This two ends of eternity are before mankind and this is dread to everyman on earth. It is not by our choice to live forever if it were many would have choose to perish like animals but it is not your choice to choose.


Origin Of Eternity

God introduced eternity to angels and mankind by His own nature  Psalms 90:2 by Himself, He is eternal. When you talk of eternity, you are talking about God, His nature is eternal. The issue of eternity came because of God’s nature. Without God there will be no eternity. This is why man as no choice than to live forever, the issue is beyond your choice but this is your nature gotten from God. Micah 5:2.

God is the father of spirit and the spirit as no choice but to live forever. You as a man you are a spirit and you possess the power or the property of living for ever in you. If a man died by killing himself or died by any means, it is just like removing a shirt from the body. ” which is importance? The body or the shirt” the shirt is your physical body that can be killed but your body is your soul which will live forever. Your main body(soul) is intact after after earthly death and this is what is going to face eternity either heaven with God or hell with demons.

God Made Man To Live Forever In Heaven

What is the likeness of God? Gen 1:26,27, Gen 2:7 what was the intention of God for creating man in his own image and likeness which make man possess this undying nature. Is it for Him to punish man forever in hell? No. God have good intention for man remember at the time of creation there was no provision for hell because there was no sin. 

He is eternal and everlasting God and He want man to live with Him forever in His nature and character. This is why He breathe life into man and made him a living soul that will live forever with Him in heaven remember there was no hell at this time.


Hell was not in His plan at the time of creation because there was no sin. How come there is hell now? It was because of sin and rebellion of satan. Satan was an Angel in heaven ( holy place ) where God lives but something happened he rebelled against God. By this act he affected many other angels in heaven. There was war in heaven because satan has sinned and cannot remain in heaven ( home of God) a place of holiness and righteousness. He was casted out of heaven together with all the angels he deceived. 

He was casted to the earth and he succeeded to contaminate man with sin by making man to disobey God’s commandments.

Now that Satan and man will live forever where will they live knowing fully well that heaven can not accommodate sin. Hell was another option, an afterthought option created by God to accommodate sinners and demons forever. Matt 25:41.

Hell was created by God to punish sin and Satan forever but now that man as supported Satan to rebel against God they shall all go to hell with Satan and every fallen angels where they will live forever in pains and fire.

Two Things For Your Choice

Now that you know what eternity is what choice should you make today in the face of lust and nakedness in the world. Well you may be thinking how hard to escape hell? yes it is hard. Because in the world there is Satan and demons and God is aware of it yet He said you can live holy in this world to qualify you for Heaven. He knows there are poverty, pleasure, money, powers etc in this world which can make life difficult for a man. Deut 20:15-20

He gave everyman the power of choice, He want you to use this power he gave you well. When you determined in your heart to serve and follow him even till death He will back you up and if you eventually die in holiness you will see Him in heaven. It is your choice to determine where to spend your own eternity.

Two ways of life has been set before you 

1. Righteousness And Holiness: This way is called the narrow way. This is the life that will qualify you for heaven if you maintain this life by accepting Jesus Christ  as a way that God choose to save mankind from eternal hell. If you continue in this way you will go to heaven.

2. Sin And Worldly Pleasure: This way is called the broad way. It can accommodate anything, it is the way of the world, this is were every sinners belong, smokers,adulterers, lesbianism, all abomination and the end of this way leads to Hell fire.

What should you do now? Are you still in the second way up till now? It is time you should leave and join the holy people waiting for Christ’s return. Join the righteous people that are heavenly minded by accepting our Lord and captain of our salvation today.


Acknowledge your sin believe in the savior Jesus Christ and say unto Him

Lord Jesus I have come now, I am sorry for my sins, I belief in your Name as my Lord and savior please save me, I am ready to follow you now in holiness and righteousness please accept me and help me never to go back to my sins. In Jesus Name. Amen

Now you are a child of God by faith, work daily and closely with Him to please your new Master.

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