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Winning Prayer

Winning prayer is when you pray and have assurance that your prayers have been heard

There is more to prayer than just praying. In my early Christian days, we
all were praying because we saw others praying.

No one was mindful of results, so we continued to tarry until many got tired, and some eventually retired.

It is therefore very important that we know what benefits prayer holds for us as
believers, and how to use them to our utmost advantage, so as to enjoy a
victorious Christian life.

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What is the use of calling a number on the phone and not getting through
and then giving your message to the blank phone waves? It’s nothing but
wasted efforts! A very religious man, rather than drop the handset when he can’t
get through, will still go on to say, “Though I know you are not picking the
phone, I am going to say everything I have to say anyway, because I know you
will hear me some day.”

That is exactly what we do when we don’t apply the correct winning prayer
principles. That way, you meet people who claim to have prayed for 12, 30 or
40 days, yet they have no results to show.

Jesus didn’t announce Himself when He returned from His 40 days fast; the effect of His prayer and fasting was evident all through His lifetime on earth. When Moses came back from the
mountain after meeting with God, nobody could look at his face.

So, it is not how long you have spent in prayers that matters, but the results you get from it.
Redemption gives us all equal access to God’s hotline, but many are
missing out of it because of their lack of understanding. They don’t know how
to approach it. God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, not for lack of prayers.
Prayer is also a weapon with which we do battle and contend with
oppositions, in order to possess our possessions in Christ.

But it is not just enough to have a weapon in your hand, you must have a sound understanding
of how it operates. That way, you won’t become a victim, but a victor in battle.

By David Oyedepo