Who Made God? A Child Ask Free Pdf Book

Who made God

Who made God? this question is what you have to find answer to in this free book

My daughter Ruth, a pastor’s wife, told her oldest son,
Samuel, who was then about four years old, “Go ask your grandfather.”

A moment later I was confronted with this tough
question: “Grandpa, where is the mind in the brain?”

This question is easy enough to answer for a college or seminary
philosophy student who knows what a category mistake is, but
how do you explain it to a four-year-old?

As parents and church leaders who have ministered to small
children know, the toughest questions typically come from the
youngest members of the congregation.

Often these are about God—such as, “Daddy, who made God?” More than a few
parents have heard this question before, but only a few can
answer it.


We must be prepared to give an answer (1 Peter 3:15) to
every sincere question we are asked (Colossians 4:6).

Here are some of the toughest ones I’ve been asked over the past fifty
years of ministry.

I will try my best to answer themso that even
young boys and girls can understand.

Who made God? No one did. He was not made. He has
always existed. Only things that had a beginning—like the
world—need a maker.

God had no beginning, so God did not
need to be made.

For those who are a little older, a little more can be said.
Traditionally, most atheists who deny the existence of God
believe that the universe was not made; it was just “there”

They appeal to the first law of thermodynamics for
support: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed,” they
insist. Several things must be observed in response.

By Ravi Zacharials Norman Geisler