Training On How To Produce 15 Items You Use Daily

production training

In this post, i have collated 3 different eBooks that you or any member of your house need to have. It is a skill acquisition books that will give you the proper training you need to produce anything right from home.

What You Will Learn In These Books

You will learn 3 Skills In These separate Books: Cosmetology, Paint Production And Catfish Production Training book. All These are under this one package.

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What You Will Learn Under Cosmetology Includes:

  1. Pomade production
  2. Hair cream
  3. Balm
  4. Detergent
  5. Liquid soap (shampoo & car wash)
  6. Solid soap production (laundry, Toilet &
  7. Antiseptic or medicated)
  8. Germicide (lzal)
  9. Disinfectant (Dettol)
  10. Methylated spirit
  11. G.V production
  12. Insecticide
  13. Air-freshener
  14. Bleach

You will have proper training on how to produce all that is listed above plus 2 weeks support from us through WhatsApp or direct call.

Practical Training On Industrial Paint Production

Under paint production training you will be able to produce your own quality paint at home. No registration is needed before you can start making money on paint. In my own case ever since I learnt how to produce paint, i have being producing paints for schools and houses around me on contract and in must cases i will be offer the full contract of supplying the paint and also painting.

What You Will Learn In This book Includes How To Produce:




P.O.P emulsion

Anti rust ,

Gloss paints,

Silk emulsion,

Matt etc.

You will learn how to produce any color of your choice, how to get buyers to buy your paints.

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Manual On

In this manual you will learn :

1.Catfish Feed Formation

2.Fingerling Production

3.Pond Construction & Management
4.Catfish Farming Operation & Management

5.Catfish Breeding in the Pond

6.Catfish Water Management

7.Catfish Feed and Feeding Management with Daily Feeding Chart
8.Catfish Disease, Prevention and Control
9.Catfish Market and Marketing
10.Financial Requirement and Analysis
11.Viability of Catfish Farming Business
12.Environmental Impact Analysis
13.Spicing and Drying of Catfish
Success Story of a Fish Farmer
And Lots More.

Note: All these 3 powerful books together worth 30,000 Naira remember our aim at nigerlinks is to empower you to start something in 2019 and this is one of ours ways of empowering startups in Nigeria.

Why you need to buy this books now

This is a rear opportunity for you to get all 3 ebooks in one package and lest than #1000.

We may decide to separate the books tomorrow and sell for at list #1000 per one.

A skill learned is an added advantage to you or any member of your house.