Secrete Of Preparation On Time Free pdf Book

By David Oyedepo

If God shows you that you are going to be like this for him, then that affects the kind of preparation
that he has marked out for you. If God shows your friend that he is going to be like that, then that determine his own preparation. So you don’t compare yourself with another person and say well, because this is my friend or this person is operating like this that must be what God has called me to do. We have to individually seek the will of God and prepare for it. Proverb 30:25 teaches us that our operation in the Earth according to our destiny is going to be a product of our preparation towards that. According to proverbs 30:24-25.

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These ants are to teach us that preparation can make up for the absence of strength. Many people
say well I don’t have financial strength, I don’t have numerical strength etc. and so I can’t do what God
has called me to do but if you prepare on time, then when the issue of strength comes in, your preparation will make up for the shortage of strength or whatever. A man can have a lot of strength but if he doesn’t prepare he will be exposed.