The Dressing Of The Godly. PDF


This book talks extensively on christian dressing. It is unfortunate that many so  called believer does not care about their out world appearance. the dressing of a child of God should immediately tell that he or she is a child of God even if he has issues to settle with God.

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In a time when the owner of the souls of men is about to
come, instead of people to cleanse themselves from all
forms of ungodliness, they are rather going deep into the
fashion the devil introduced in order to destroy them in
hell. The devil has penetrated the church of Christ and is
using his agents (fake pastors) to keep people in total
darkness and bondage. The good Lord will open your eyes
to the truth and prepare you for Heaven as you read this. It
is hoped that this book will open your eyes so you can
participate and help free the children of God from Satan’s
bondage by your evangelism. God will help you.