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Diligent persuasion On others For Heaven Bound Christian

diligent persuasion need to be done on your side unto your family your friends to get them prepare and ready for heaven. Here the scripture presents to us the two ways in this life: the
broad way and the narrow way. The narrow way has to be
preached to people and the people have to be persuaded to come
to the narrow way. Because only a few are in the narrow way and
that is the way that leads to life. Why are we persuading those on
the broad way?

The broad way is the natural way of life and
many are following it.

That is the way of destruction.
Men are born into this world of sin and are completely ignorant
of God and His righteous demands.

They are following a way, a
way of ignorance and they are not aware about what God is
expecting of man.

They live in sin, they serve Satan, and they
serve idols and perish at the end. That is the natural course of this
life; live in sin, serve Satan, serve idols, do whatever they want to
do and then perish. In fact, many are not even aware of where
they are going.

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Some play religion without understanding
anything about the true God.

They are playing religion and they
are looking so sorry in the religion but have no knowledge about
When we look at these people of the opposite religion with us
here in Nigeria who are very fervent; some of them are even our
friends, brothers, sisters and colleagues.

We know and believe that there is no destination for them. They don’t even know what
they are doing. They are not aware of God nor are they aware of
His demands. they are following the wrong way.