A BETTER WAY TO PRAY By Andrew-wommack. Free PDF

Are you ready for your prayer life to improve? Would you like to learn how to pray more
accurately and receive God’s answers more quickly? If so, you’re reading the right book!
When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, our Lord confronted the myths and misconceptions
concerning prayer in His day. In fact, He spent quite some time countering false ideas and
discussing what prayer is not before He told them the proper way to pray. The religious system
had become so hypocritical and phony that the Lord had to undo what they commonly thought
prayer was before He could effectively teach them what it is.
The contents of this book are neither The Only Way To Pray nor You Won’t Get Any Results if
You Don’t Pray This Way, but rather A Better Way To Pray. I’ll be sharing some things that will
probably offend you; but rest assured that if I step on your toes, the Lord will heal them!

Everything I’m teaching against, I’ve done. God still loved me and I loved Him. We had a good
relationship despite the fact I was doing these things. However, I am now much more effective in
seeing manifestations of my answered prayers than ever before in my life. I don’t pray the way I
used to fifteen, twenty, or thirty years ago. I’ve matured quite a bit since then!
All across the body of Christ today, believers hold certain assumptions and exhibit totally wrong
attitudes in prayer. Then they wonder why they aren’t receiving their desired results. God wants
this corrected!
I’m very aware that I will be countering a lot of common thinking about prayer. I may well
offend some of the traditions you’ve held dear. But let me ask you this: If the way you are
praying isn’t getting good results, why then would you resist change in this area?
I’m not the perfect example. I haven’t arrived—but I’ve left. And I’m getting supernatural results
to my prayers. I’ve even seen my own son raised up after being dead for five hours. Unless you
are receiving better results than I am, you ought to at least consider the things I’m saying.
For many years now, I’ve meditated through every scripture in the Bible that uses any form of
the word pray. I believe what the Lord has revealed to me through His Word will really bless
you. Even though it may be different from anything you’ve ever been taught before, I’m
confident you’ll find it: A Better Way To Pray!