After salvation

After Salvation What Next That You Must Know

After Salvation what you need to know next but first let me congratulate you.

Congratulations to you as I supposed you are now born again. You want to know what else after salvation.

What to do now that you are saved by the grace of God. Or as it end there as many stopped their joining right after salvation.

To begin with let us discuss how you got born again. Where you actually looking for God? Or God arranged the situation just to get you saved?

Ho I wish you can tell me how you got saved. Do you confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and your personal Savior?

Do you love Him now that you have surrendered to Him? Was there actual change in your life now than before?

Well if you have actually find Christ, I believe that you should be a new creature now according to thee word of God that says “ If any man be in Christ old things has passed away and all things has become new” this means you are no longer the thief we use to know, you are no longer that womanizer or that prostitute. You are a different man now.

Congratulations Now that am a new creation by salvation is that all?
No my brother, that is not all there are possibility of going back to your past life if you are not careful. Did you hear me say careful ? Yes that is what will keep you in salvation and the present of God.

What you need to change now that you are saved

Change your worldly friends: they know you too well and they know what to tell you that will provoke your flesh, that old man in you to act. Remember you are not yet perfect and you have to walk towards perfection as a Christian. Stop been close to them find a friend or friends in the church of God.

Change your girlfriend or boyfriend: if you have them before now Jesus is your Lord and your friend, He is sufficient to you. Let Him occupy your heart. He is your new lover.

Change worldly church: Ho how do you understand church? Are you still thinking that church is church? No don’t think that way bro. Church is not church there are also churches of Satan every were though Satan was not written in their sign post.

To live a victorious life after salvation bro select your church carefully. Check the message of the pastor, his life, the life of the members check his family are they in line with this way you just find?

OK Can I loose my salvation?

God is committed when you are committed to Him. Yes He Saved you and gave you a way to follow as long as you are on that way, God is committed to save you.

But what if you turn back will Your salvation still be valid? I believe your mind can tell you the right answer.

We are not of those who says ounce saved is for ever saved, they deceived their self and those that want to be deceived too.

Bro you must work diligently in holiness and righteousness to the end of your life this is when you will receive your crown.

When you turn back from God though you may still have the gift of God in your life and actually God as not turn back on you but you have loose you salvation.

You are wondering but God is still with me na! Yes God is ever with you hoping that you will realize and turn back to Him some day.

Remembered this was how He did to get you in the first place before you turn back at Him.

Activities to keep you in salvation

Man you need some spiritual excises that will keep you save every minute according to the Bible.


Pray always in season and out of season: prayer is the key to opening your portion out of the abundance of God. Learn to use prayers.

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Even when you are weak learn to pray in other ways like speaking in tongues, walking and praying. Etc just make sure you don’t seize to pray.

Reading the word of God: this should be your food now actually it is the food for your soul. Meditate in the word of God everyday even when you are sleeping let His word dwell richly in you in all wisdom.

The word of God in your mouth is the sword of thee spirit. Learn how to use it to fight the battle of life against sin and Satan.

Fasting is also required : set aside a day or two in a week according to your strength to fast and pray to God. Pray for all things and pray that God should keep you save till the end.

Be conscious of your new life: There is a great need on your part to always remember that you are no longer of the system of this world of sin and iniquities you now belong to the camp of God. So be deferent do not envy your old friends.

You are no longer in the school of sin where you was before, so renounce all the properties of sin in you.

Burn or destroy all charms in your possession, return those things in your possession that are not your own.

Note: there might be something you will need to inform your pastor of before you set out for it. Your pastor will guide you and pray with you so all will be successful.

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