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Nigerlinks is an online platform for Christians and believers around the world created by Iyoha Sunday a Nigerian guy. By the grace of God I am born again. I have passed through some horrible situations in life in the hands of Satan that if not for the sake of God my soul should have been downed in hell. All glory to God.

I created this Nigerlinks purposely to connect and link every hungry man and woman out there to source of abundance of foods and drinks. The word of God is the ancient, proved and satisfied food to the hungry soul of man nothing else can replace or fill that space in the heart of man. No matter how influential, rich you may be, your heart must still draw back to the creator of your soul

In other to help in satisfying this natural hunger for God, which only the word of God can fill, I created this medium to connect every Christian who need to eat the word of God continuously to the undiluted word of God carefully selected for your spiritual growth , healthy life and ministry.

This materials such as books, devotional books and every Christian material in our platform are not written by just one ministry but are submitted by ministers of God worldwide. This means there is opportunity for you to eat balance diet.

Note: Before a material is published in nigerlinks we must have gone through it and see if it has no error in it and it must be 100% the word of God. This is to ensure we are not misleading anyone.

If you are inspired to write a message for the world to read, this is a good place for you to do so. It is very easy to get your messages across the world

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