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13 Free Pdf Books Download For Holy Christians

Download free pdf books no registration is required all we want is to be able to help you achieve the mind of God over your life. We want to be the vessel through which God achieve His will concerning you. We also hope that you will be a vessel through which other will find this opportunity. Many can also access this free pdf books download through you  by sharing this post to your friends.

Why you should read Christian books

Why you should read always even as a Christian is because you need to grow everyday by day in spirit and Truth ( word of God).

Jesus advise all believer to always read this “book of the law” (word of God) and meditate in It  everyday. This practice will eventually make the word to be part of them.

Believers are in Battle field and therefore need to hold on to their weapons of war against sin and Satan in this world.

Believers are also expected to be diligent on his journey with Jesus, you should be fervent, careful and hard working so as to keep the faith.

Why PDF Books?

Christian PDF books are electronic books that are transferable at a click of a button and they can easily be downloaded. They are soft copy which make it easy to go far and accessible to millions in the world.

Christian PDF books are books written by supposed man and woman of God through meditation on the word of God and their personal inspiration. These are collated in a soft copy in form of a PDF books and distributed either freely or paid.

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13 Free PDF Books download

In this Post we have collected list of Free PDF book on Our Site that you can download freely even without registering on our site remember we are only playing our part and we also hope you will help share to as many of your friends.

1. The dressing of the Godly by Pastor Paul Rika: This books will enlighten you as a Christian on biblical way to dress your body and be in peace with your God. You will discover why and how God preferred that you should cloth your self.

2. Scriptural examination of handkerchief and apron : Do you use handkerchief and apron? You need to download this book to see if you are right or wrong according to the standard ( word of God) you may be wrong and may be you are right. It is good to clear your doubt and stand firm in the truth of Christ.

3. Prayer made simple for holy and righteous Christian: Due to many forces you may find it difficult to pray and talk to your God. This is true but like I said before, as a child of God you need to be diligent in all things. This book will make your prayer life new and command real result more than before.

No 4 free PDF books download a must to have

4. Escaping hell fire and entering heaven made easy: There is no point been a Christian at first if your aim is not to go to heaven at the end of your life. Do you need a booster? What will make your heavenly journey a bliss and successful. This book is very helpful as many as testified about how this book changed their Christian life.

5. Diligent persuasion on others for heaven : If you care about your family, friends neighbors and you want to see them also in heaven please download this book freely. It will guide you how to go about winning others to Christ and saving your self from contamination.

6. Denominationalism in the light of holiness revival ministry: I know you belong to a denomination and that is very good of you as far as you are there serving God in Righteousness. This books is a guide for you to see how you can be in as denomination and please God, it will tell you why God allows denomination and how a Christian must manage it for his or her blessing.

Other Messages In Mp3

1. As it were in the days of Noah so shall the coming of Jesus be: download freely this timely message, rear message, scarce message, disappearing Gospel truth. Are you surprise because of those many title? Well seeing is believing, when you listing to it you will add your own title.

2. Have faith in the God of heaven: This is also available freely for download. It is mp3 message that will help you boost your faith life. You will never have reason not to believe God after you listing to this message. I am beginning to have also in my spirit that while listing to this message that particular problem in your life will disappear without notice. If you believe then claim it.

3. Your name in the book of life, A great privilege: Is your name in the book of life? I will hope so because I believe you are a Christian although very few Christians are actually true child of God while others are child of God because God created them but they are no longer His now. So if you are born again and holy is a great privilege because your name is in the book of life.

Other free Pdf books download to exploit

These are books carefully selected for your spiritual growth and for the purposes of ministry. Fill free to download any of our free PDF books and you can also contact us for inquiry @ or use our contact us form. We will try to reach back to you as soon as we hear from you.

1. A little hand book for preachers by Mary.S.Hulst

2. Between heaven and hell by Peter Kreeft

3. A better way to pray by Andrew Wommack

4. Benjamin generation by Joseph Prince

Final Note: These Books Are written by Christian authors internationally and they are available in the internet some are for sell while others are not. These books are Christian materials needed everyday for a man of God to dig deep in the word and to learn new inspirations from other men of God.

Are you an author? Do your want more people to read your books freely and get noticed? If so submit your work here



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