#100,000 Support For All Startups In Nigeria

Our visions

* To help 10 entrepreneurs with a seed capital of #100,000 grant from the donations we receive from our websites.
* To train and mentor startups in their various feeds by helping them to realize their dreams and bringing them more opportunities around the globe.

nigerlinks #100,000 support

How it works

At Nigerlinks, we give our users the opportunity to download free christian PDF books and mp3 messages from preachers around the world. Many of our materials are free to download while few are downloaded upon donation. 

We at Nigerlinks have decided to help 10 startups in Nigeria two times in a year with #100,000 seed capital to each startup to start any business of his or her choice.

Our aim is not to stress anyone in the process of filling application form rather we make all the process so simple and easy to apply


At the  end of a section the selected applicants will receive 4 days training from professionals after which the money will be immediately transfer to their account. 

Join this session now and submit your business idea.


To apply for nigerlinks’ #100,000 support 2019, you will have to fill a form where you will tell us details about your business idea and its markets in Nigeria. In that form you should be able to convince us that your business is worth investing in. Although we are not expecting you to pay back.

After filling the application form, we will give you an option to donate what ever you can to us. Note: This is optional but donating even #500 can help us to achieve our aim of sponsoring 20 entrepreneurs with #100,000 in a year.

The program is run twice every year. From January to June and June To December. Your onetime donation within any session of the program and your business idea will be considered for selection.


  • Students
  • 18 years plus
  • Graduates
  • Traders
  • Male and female
  • All Nigerians

why we want to help

Out of a total active labour force of 85.08 million people in Nigeria, about 16 million people were unemployed in the third quarter of 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, has said. This was contained in a report on Labour Force Statistics in the third quarter of 2017 published on the bureau’s website on Monday. The report said the category of unemployed persons comprised 8.5 million people ”who engaged in an economic activity for at least an hour” and 7.5 million people ”who did absolutely nothing.”